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going on a temporary hiatus!!

((woahh!!! you guys are awesome. 200+ followers?? i didn’t expect this many people in such a short amount of time.

this is probably horrible timing but… my hard term is coming up and i need to study a lot. i won’t really have the time to maintain an ask blog. so…

On Hiatus until June 1st, 2014! ))

It usually turns out like this… 

((hello everyone! i’ll be taking a break from ask blogging for about one or two weeks! sorry for the lack of notice, but i’ve been losing motivation steadily recently. thanks for all your support! ))

((PS the ask box is still open ;D ))

Happy Valentine’s Day!

[part 1] / [part 2] / [part 3]

[part 1] / [part 2] / [part 3]

[part 1] / [part 2] / [part 3]

((thanks for all the support!! 8’D))